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He's not going to answer you. Inconvenient but relevant questions will be ducked away from.

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What is your design process? How do you avoid the risk of an invention accidentally becoming useful?

Ever heard of Success Mode Effects Analysis?

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How do you define Kashmir? What all includes Kashmir - what are its physical boundaries?

Do you see Pakistani-Controlled Kashmir as part of a single Kashmir? If so, then would that include all of Pakistan-Controlled Kashmir, such as Gilgit-Baltistan?

Which countries are in control of Kashmir's territory? Would that be just India, or does Pakistan control some of Kashmir too, and also very significantly, does China hold any of Kashmir's territory?

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Do you have to take COVID19 precautions in Svalbard? (wearing masks, social distancing, etc)

Do you have any concerns about getting the COVID19 virus there? How are the medical facilities where you are?

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Pakistanis have already bought plenty of land in Mirpur area, prior to their restrictions being placed.

Furthermore, 85% of Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir (known as Gilgit-Baltistan) has been torn away by Pakistan's govt and declared to be a separate region not part of Kashmir.

Additionally, Pakistan has gifted 20% of Kashmir's territory to China, without the permission of Kashmiris.