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He took me to there to learn the language and the culture. He had sole custody of me so my mom had no say in the matter. I did keep in touch with her while I was there. She would send me gifts on my birthday and christmas

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My father wanted to arrange my marriage with an Indian girl. But my girlfriend(now wife) was mexican. He didn't approve. It wasn't fair cause he never had an arranged marriage. And now he's on his fourth.

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I went to 2 schools over there. They were public but they had a boarding part where students would stay. First one I was in was 3 hours away from any family. When school wasn't in session I was in the boarding part. Because I was 6 I was placed in the dorm with the 6 and younger kids. The kids didn't know how to speak English. They were wetting their beds every night. I was locked in there with them. The head master was very mean. If you got in trouble. He made you pick a stick from outside that you would be beat with. I was there for about 3 months but it felt like years. My grandfather picked me up and took me to a newer school in the same town where family lived. Their boarding school was brand new I was the first student to attend it along with a Canadian kid who was going through a similar situation. School ran from Monday to Friday and every other Saturday.

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He was my best friend there we hit it off right away and I still consider him to be my best friend. I have no idea where he is now. All I know is his first name was Hersimran.

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Yes I did. He eventually came to visit and I cried my eyes out when he did. After 3 years he remarried in the US. And I was moved back to be part of the family