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You suddenly have the power to magically transport yourself through time and space to any recording/jam session with any band for 1 hour. Where do you go?

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What was the first moment you had watching an elephant/s that you realized that they are a lot smarter than they appear?

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Years ago I worked for a battery plant in Pennsylvania that was the polar opposite. Workers on the floor had their blood drawn monthly to check for lead levels, and if it ever got high enough (I believe it was 0.40mg or higher) they would sequester the employee away until it dropped back down and in severe cases, would mandate the employee go through chelation therapy. This company had no such policies in place?

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Question for both: what games have you played do you think had the best overall writing/storytelling in them?

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If you can make it, I'd recommend Glacier National Park in Montana. Grab a photo of Lake Macdonald on a clear day with no wind, it's a perfect mirror.