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this is too personal. but clearly, the latter.

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Campaigns are always trying to influence what type of topics get brought up during the course of an interview. Yesterday, in fact, the Romney campaign told a Colorado reporter that questions about Akin and abortion were off limits. That was over the line and the reporter, rightfully, objected to it and then explained to viewers that such a restriction had been placed on her. Then, of course, there was the story of the Obama campaign demanding prior clearance of quotes (they were giving interviews on background and would only allow themselves to be identified if the reporter ran the quote by them first). That practice is part of the business now. But it's fair to say it sucks, majorly. I think reporters have to push as much as they can to ensure that these things don't happen. And then, when or if they do, be completely transparent about it.

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Terrible. They only have vending machine stuff there. I choose to avoid.

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Just reposting something i wrote earlier so that folks new to this can see. what we try to do here at the Huffington Post is not narrow down the type of material we cover, but expand it so that readers can experience different topics, read different stories, and discover new information. The reporting content hasn't diminished because of that. in fact, it's improved. We have people who can expand the scope of their beats and attempt to understand and explain how one topic (say, politics) interacts by several others (business, health, culture, etc....). We also have firm priorities with respect to the stories we feel we have to cover. Those include people who have fallen through the social safety net, the influence of money in politics, Afghanistan and other topics. Finally, as a reader, you can always skip the celebrity and gossip stuff if you want. The website is easy to navigate. Just click on a different section.

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The Romney campaign has been prohibited from using a lot of the cash it has raised because he has not formally been awarded the nomination. That changes on Monday at the convention in Tampa. And if you live in a swing state, expect to see nothing but political ads for the next few months.