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Heyyy not relevant to the comment above just hoping you see this.

I’m NOT a post OP nurse and I don’t deal with kidney patients after their surgery however I saw the picture of your foley bag (what your urine is draining into) and it’s hanging above on your stretcher above the level of your bladder. For one thing that’s dangerous because if someone/ something causes the stretcher side rail to come down without someone paying attention the Foley could get ripped out of your urethra.

Also, as a nurse for regular patients the bag should never be hanging above the level of the bladder it can cause urine to flow back into your bladder which can lead to infection as well as urinary retention. You are someone who’s going to be super prone to infection I just want to maybe ask you to check with them that the bag should be hanging at that level.

Maybe it’s something I don’t know that needs to be done post OP for kidney transplant but I just wanted to double check as I am concerned and don’t want you to be put in any compromised position during your recovery.

Hope you have a great recovery and an awesome life with your new kidney!

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Can confirm am OR Nurse. Fear boners are real AF and the last thing I’m thinking about is anything about it being awkward and more about how can I comfort this person that’s going through one of the scariest days.