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I'm with small kids in Kathmandu, and air pollution levels are similar to Ulaanbaatar in parts of the city. We use N99 masks but the smallest refuses to wear them, and air purifiers in the house, office and school (though with windows/doors often open that doesn't help very much). Do you have any advice on minimising the effect?

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Thanks that's great advice. Actually I have one more tip - there's certain plants that improve the air, some more efficiently than others and some plants filter certain things that others don't. So filling the house with these types of plants apparently also works well.

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it's a pity - your drawing skill improved a lot! http://iwanttodrawacatforyou.com/category/galleries/cat-drawings/page/1875/

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My Opa who was in Indonesia was captured by the Japanese and always maintained he was treated well (my Oma escaped the Japanese by fleeing to Papua New Guinea and living in the rainforest for a few years).