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Hi Jeremy,

It seems like local culture plays a big role in many of your adventures.

Can you tell us about the time you felt least comfortable around or welcomed by the locals when on the hunt for a particular fish?

Conversely, which culture were you most pleasantly surprised about, or would like to revisit most?

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Update: I'm not here to promote anything today, but I do always like to raise awareness of the power of after-school programs, so if you have 30 seconds, I would love for you to check out this story about one of our After-School All-Stars

He's... the anti-rampart

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Great AMA OP. I see you answering questions candidly all the way down the page, I can tell you are legitimately interested in education and awareness of the condition.

I see you're clean shaven in the pictures I could find, but I saw you shave every week or so with treatments; as a beard-clad man, I'd like to know if your facial hair would grow in if you weren't receiving treatments

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The title says he worked to find the water that "they" found. His organization and UNESCO were looking for water in the same place, and UNESCO found it. He doesn't claim to be responsible for finding that water in the description either, only that he had experience with trying to provide water in the area where "they" just found water.

we purchased and installed two water holding tanks, I believe they were around 600 gallons each. Then we purchased them a truck to transport water to other people in the area and to go and get water from the nearest clean water source. Yesterday geologists struck water very near to where we were drilling.

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If you google his screen name there are several pictures. Looks like a completely normal dude!