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Unless they're gay

thanks creepy video

TIL that yehoohaw is like the TSA, except, instead of looking for shanks and turtling heroin balloons, he's got a gaydar honed for butt stuff and mutual masturbation

watch out, heather's two mommies

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<3 for Wobblies and FNB

Both are some of the best libsoc institutions in the US. More of us need to take part.

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I believe anybody can join the IWW. You can be self-employed, a student or unemployed at the time – they don't mind.


(1) I am a student, a retired worker, and/or I am unemployed; can I still be an IWW member?

Yes. According to the IWW Constitution, under Article II (Membership), Section 1(b):

No unemployed or retired worker, no working-class student, apprentice, home- maker, prisoner or unwaged volunteer on a project initiated by the IWW or any subordinate body thereof shall be excluded from membership on the grounds that s/he is not currently receiving wages.


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>tap Y to defy your programming

>shake controller to class struggle

David Cage: bringing the singularity ever closer, not by smashing the barriers to understanding, but by methodically making humans even dumber than computer code.

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Suggestions are welcome.

Now that you've left religion, may I interest you in some anticapitalist literature and a small pouch of psychedelic mushrooms?