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salthesalute43 karma

  1. Is there any consideration to add more survival aspects to Kenshi 2- specifically along the lines of heat and water? It seemed semi unrealistic that we can wander through the scorching desert surviving off of bone dry sandwiches :)

  2. Secondly, will the stage of Kenshi 2 being set 1000 years before the current game take away from the derelict and ruined aesthetic of the game that we all love?

  3. I'm sure you get this a lot, but will the next version of the engine/Kenshi 2 allow for more extensive modding? Modding will turn these games truly immortal in my opinion, think TES and Fallout.

Love the game by the way, quite possibly my faveourite of all time. Huge thanks for taking the time to make this.

And Nat, I actually really love the dialogue in this game. Incredibly fitting and well written.

EDIT: One more thing; do both of you play Kenshi at all in your free time? If so, what playstyle/race is your faveourite?

salthesalute20 karma

That is actually very reasonable. I usually play as a band of 3-4 drifters, so I didn't consider the micro aspect.