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I just want you to know that you are an incredible and unique human being. ❤

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Heaven forbid someone who is actively suicidal or homicidal go to psych ward for help. I gave you a solid opportunity to see exactly what your point of view is about this, especially since I used to work at an inpatient mental health facility.

I understand that of course not everyone "likes" inpatient stays and some straight up refuse the medical opinions of doctors but good lord, comparing them worse than jails and saying you should never go into one? Any kind of mental health disability put aside since you are now "fully better", you are a shitty person.

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Where are some of your favorite places that you've performed? You and the guys are the tits, keep doing what you are doing and having fun!

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If you guessed "97% of them", you're correct!

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Was Pearl really as mean of a landlord as she looked or were you just really behind on your rent a lot? I can see why that would be aggravating. P.S. You are the bee's knees.