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Unfortunately, I know some of the answers to this as it was my great-grandfather who participated in the process.

The government didn't want to annoy white people OR pay a lot of money, so they would specifically choose routes that went through Japanese people's neighborhoods. They would hire appraisers (like my great-grandfather) to devalue the land so they could get it for cheaper. They'd give the Japanese a shitty deal and not have to worry about people complaining, so for them it was a win-win.

My grandma had a lot of guilt about what her family did, especially when she was later stationed in Japan with my grandfather and my father was born there. She didn't realize until she got to know the people over there and realized that they were gasp just like us white people.

To her credit, she did confront her father and talks openly about the discrimination that happened and that he (her father) participated in, and subsequently tried to do her part by housing several exchange students from Asia, especially Japan because she and my grandpa could speak a bit of Japanese.

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Any residual effects?

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Your character in Asylum is genuinely the most frightening TV villain and Sylar is no saint either. Do you like playing bad guys more or are you do you like playing guys like Spock more?

Also you are devilishly handsome.