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Carrie--You've tweeted out some photos of you at dinner with Amy Poheler, Aimee Mann & Kim Gordon, basically the Mt. Olympus of badass white women. What do you guys talk about, world domination? Also, are you accepting applications for new best friends?

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carrie, what're you whispering to corin in the burn to shine video for "modern girl"?

this one

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this is the 'what did bill murray whisper in scarlett johansson's ear at the end of lost in translation?' of indie music. we'll never know!

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Janet, have you been practicing any new jokes for the tour?

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Toni & Candace bust out some pretty mean dance moves in the premiere episode. If you got everyone in the same room, which Portlandia characters would be the most fun at a party and who would hog the karaoke machine?