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poverty lawyer checking in. I understand your sentiment and want to adjust it slightly:

Greed is the source of a lot of terrible things in the world.

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I, as a former editor in chief of a newspaper, can say with complete certainty that you are correct. /u/azizansariAMA please fix in e-version

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Omg I feel like I watched this in a different lifetime during Internet 1.0

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Hey /u/ObviousNerd! My name is Salaam and I work with the True Islam campaign. In a nutshell, a Muslim is to follow the law of the land. So if a local law system is in place, then sharia will not come in guns ablazing demanding satisfaction. Islam desires justice above all else and so long as justice is happening whether it be through Quranic teaching or a secular way, it's fine.

Sharia is composed of way more "here's how you should live your life" and not a whole lot of "crime and punishment" matters, even though people might perceive the latter to be the majority.

Our campaign is designed to educate Muslims and non-Muslims about Islam's core beliefs so that we can educate extremism away. Check out Point Number 5 which deals with your question and has a short, animated video to explain it. True Islam Website

Let me know if this answers your questions!

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Man, I went into the wrong science.

Curse you, political science!