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Do you get mad when people say you are wrong?

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Aren't you that guy that hit a senator in the head with a wiffle ball?

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Could you give a few examples of how things were handled 30 years ago vs. now? Also, do you think it's a better or worse way for each?

ie: a kid is unruly and completely out of line- 30 years ago it wasn't uncommon for that to result in a paddling. Now you get a frown sticker on your daily report.

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You have to elaborate here. Was the father of the year depositing in the wrong location, or were they expecting it to come out of the wrong location?

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I have no idea. I posted that as some stupid thing that I expected to be downvoted to hell right before I retired for the night. I think I was the first one to comment on this AMA, so welcome to the world of reddit I guess. I see it a lot in AMAs and askreddits, the early posts, even mediocre, get all the votes, and the other good posts get buried.

edit: I would have downvoted it myself if I saw it, but welcome to the herd. "This is a stupid joke that contributes nothing to the thread, but 100 other people upvoted it, so it must be funny, I'll upvote it too".