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Any chance on getting more videos of Hachi? Why did you nix that idea?

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@icculus: Every time someone mentions to me they want to get into game development and ask for tips or information, I always link them to your interview on FLOSS weekly many years ago. I feel to this day it is still the best interview for anyone looking to get into game development or application porting. In the interview, the topic of engine and client porting came up and you said (paraphrasing) "We will never see HL2 on Linux." What went through your mind when Valve announce they are porting their entire library to Linux?

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No love for Perl?

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Now that Valve is supporting Linux, I figured it would be nice to see from their competitors why I should be interested in their platforms, especially when they don't, even if it's from an unofficial form.

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As a Linux user, why should I be interested in EA and Origin?