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i can't afford it...i have no money

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No Dear, Here in Pakistan There is no concept of seat belts, we have outdated public transport, i was traveling in a public transport at the time of accident...

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The process is very slow that is why i can't feel that kind of happiness, but when the picture of my first days come into my mind then i suddenly thanks God for everything and feel a bit of happiness that i am recovering. It is a struggle and i can not say that its a breeze of fresh air but one has to deal with life and i think life is hard for every human on earth, its just a matter of perspective, some see it as a blessing while other think of it as burden, i am the first one. i think its a blessing in disguise thanks for your comment...

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Well Whenever Someone comes and visit me then ask me, how r u...? this is the most annoying sentence that i heard for all these years, i tell them that i am fine but deep inside i whispers to myself that how the heck am i right, can't you guys see that i am stuck in a bed for these years and you are asking me how am i...Every time i started to forget about my illness or disability someone comes and asks me how r u...and boom i become aware that i am not ok, i wanted my friends and other visitors to just act normally talk to me like normal people don't feel sorry for me and that is it. but i never told anybody the opposite thing, because it is considered as rude here in our society if you reply to someone in an unexpected way...that is why i am here to express my feelings openly on the internet...

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No actually i was able to walk like normal people and then suddenly after a few days, my back was in pain real badly, then i started my visits to the hospital, but the doctors give me some pain killers, they were thinking that i pulled my muscle or something in the back, after one weak my full body was paralyzed and i was admired to the hospital where they did a few tests of MRI and found out that the spinal is traumatized. the next day i had surgery and now i am here hope you get the point///