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Hi Keanna - started following your insta after the last AMA. I had asked you about how to introduce my daughter (now 3) to motor sports and so far following your advice. While she’s big into dolls, she also has a suite of race cars she likes playing with. I think in a few years (when she’s 6 or 7) I’ll find a go-kart for her. Any recommendations on brand or features to look out for?

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Thanks, Keanna. That’s a good suggestion.

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Forgot to add, good luck this season. Seems like you’ve been missing racing something fierce, so I hope you get the opportunity to participate in a rally soon. Cheers!

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Hi Keanna! I saw in your IG posts that you were not a car aficionado, but just fell in love with driving. What was it about ‘that drive’ when you first decided you wanted to race?

As a side note, we tell all our friends who ask that we want our daughter (1 yr old) to be a rally driver when she grows up. They all think we’re crazy. Are we? Any advice on what we can do to get her to enjoy driving?