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As a below right elbow amputee a few things that I reflect on and think really helped me growing up.

Dance. A lot of social interactions happen at partys around music. School Dances during school are big deals, clubs and house parties during college. Bering confident enough to dance is a big social plus. That helps any guy regardless of disability.

But as someone with a missing limb. Dance really helps you understand your body movements. As a kid I tend to try and hide my arm, baggy sweatshirts, arm tucked into my side etc, and that led to bad posture and physical presence.

Dancing gets your more aware of your movement and where your body is in space. Makes you feel less clumsy. Plus it's a big social boost to not have any fear about getting on the dance floor. You may have one hand, but if you can salsa, ballroom, hip hop, anything. Youll have fun on the dance floor and always find someone to dance with. It was a big confidence boost to me as a kid.

Might be hard to get a 10-year-old to want to take dance classes. But if you can get him interested in breakdancing or something that might be a good starting point.

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If you have spares of those Me0909. I know a certain PNW team that would use them :)

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Aimee Mullins and josh sundquist have some great talks out there aswell. Good people to look into.