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Citadel makes more money

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I think you raised some very valid concerns and you're right to be concerned - frankly we all should.

Business chases profit - it is the premise of the efficient market that is there's a dollar then someone will try to make it and the general result is that it's bad for the world. Science however is the innovation that businesses use to direct their investments. When science comes up with new ways and methods of producing equivalent goods or better at equivalent cost or cheaper businesses respond. If we really want to stop deforestation we need to figure out how to make deforestation a disadvantage. Increasing crop yields for example would result in a decrease in deforestation. Deforestation is a process that costs time and money that wouldn't have to happen with better land use.

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u/tradezero_dan This GME problem really came out of nowhere and I expect the hedge funds felt the same. Do you think the clearinghouses/IB/et al, and Citadel shorting the piss out of GME actually prevented a liquidity crisis that would have tanked things? Obviously Melvin got margin called several times and nearly went insolvent if not for the huge influx of capital and they're probably not the only one. I haven't really researched to see if any funds went insolvent, but I expect the way this was handled was more or less to prevent that (i.e. a cascading liquidity crisis). Is this your opinion as well? Or do you think that most hedge funds would get out damaged, but operational, and we wouldn't have experienced a liquidity crisis?

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Hey, on/off commodities prop trader here so it's super cool to see an AMA from someone who's in the know. Also, sorry that you're probably gonna have to deal with some assholes here... I think a lot of people misunderstand the markets - or the power of pricing - and believe it's a conspiracy to make some rich and others poor. Anyways...

Some questions - as one of the commodity powerhouses is Cargill trading in virtually every commodity? What is their trading style - is it to take physical delivery or simply to make money in the ebbs and flows, I'd assume both? Secondly Would you say there's much of a difference between trading to actually take physical delivery than simply to make a profit? What types of trading styles do you employ? Any order flow, algorithmic, etc... or is it more of a directive that you need to hold X number of contracts and attempt to get them under $X.XXX?

What's your favorite market to trade and why that market?

What was the hardest time or trade you've ever been a part of? Did it work out?

Any ideas or old edge for trading term structure near contract expiration?

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Are there exercises your doctors have given you in lieu of your insurance company denying you rehab? Or anything you can do to challenge yourself to regain strength or mobility or independence? Have you considered occupational or physical therapy?