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It seems as though as The Huffington Post has gotten more popular and more mainstream, that the quality of the content has diminished. The site has started to use headlines that sensationalize their stories and has also begun to place significant focus on celebrity news and gossip. I would say that HuffPo is trying to appeal to everyone and by doing so, they're not serving anyone. What would you say in response to that claim?

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Dear Mr Tannenbaum

For the most part, I enjoyed your tenure as GM of the Jets. You made a lot of wise and savvy moves that helped the team achieve the success that it did. For all the good things you did as GM, I always took issue with what I saw as a lack of loyalty that the Jets organization showed towards players who had established themselves as Jets. Players such as S. Ellis, C. Pennington, P. Kendall, L. Washington, and J. Cotchery were cast aside by the team with little regard for all they had contributed to the franchise in favor of big name acquisitions who came as mercenaries and had no connection to the Jets franchise or fans. These are players that I, and many other fans, would have liked to see finish their career with the Jets and none of them had the opportunity to do so. My question is why did the Jets organization show such little loyalty to its own players during your time as GM?