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I super needed this

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American Gods was a helluva book. I would love to see you and Neil Gaiman interview each other!

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Is there a way to restore cardiac muscle? An artificial replacement? In the future could this be a better solution than a heart transplant?

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That is really rough. Make sure you talk to the nurses because sometimes they’ll have experience to draw on and will tell you about it, even if they aren’t supposed to. Try asking them if they’ve ever had any similar patients like this.

Also, don’t be afraid to seek a second opinion. It’s free to get a copy of her medical records, and then you can send it to another doctor/hospital to see if they agree with the diagnosis/treatment plan. My mother saw 3 different cardiologists before getting a correct diagnosis.

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Thanks for the answer. It’s super interesting! My mother has non-ischemic hypertrophic cardiomyopathy so I’m glad this research is being done!