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But what about the other 16 tabs?

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It provides a forum where overseas investors with assets in a country can sue that country if it takes away that investor's assets without due process, or otherwise treats it less favourably than home-country investors.

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Here in New Zealand, we have 'fair dealing' which is much narrower than fair use. Much narrower. It's pretty much limited to review and private study. So even parody is right out.

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I've read most of the TPPA, and I honestly think that these guys don't really understand it, and certainly haven't read it. Though I agree to a certain extent with the Wikimedia concerns around copyright extension. (That said I'd love it if my country adopted a fair use law instead of fair dealing to compensate..)

But hey, we're listening to musicians and actors about complex trade deals, what did we expect?

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You're 100% right. The other issue I have is their vagueness on the meaning of 'commercial use'. Admittedly the treaty itself is vague, but traditionally that would entail for-profit use. Which is hardly going to be fair in any event!