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This AMA is the most heartwarming thing I’ve experienced in a while. You are amazing Cookie Monster- thanks for bringing some sunshine to the day of a LOT of people. Hopefully we all go share some cookies with our friends after reading this

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Just reading this AMA is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

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Absolutely agree with Dr.Kelly- tell her to wait until afterwards. I had a breast reduction 10 years ago and am now expecting my first child- and every answer to the "will I be able to breastfeed" question is met by a "we won't know until the time comes", as every woman is different (even women who haven't had the surgery can have breastfeeding issues), every surgery is different, etc. I am luckily very well supported, and will be ok with whatever results (I.e., supplementing or going full formula) if breastfeeding does not turn out to work in my case, but some women have a very hard time coping with it if it turns out to not work. If she is okay lasting a bit longer then I'd say just take that possibly stressful aspect out of the equation of new motherhood for her Plus, I'm not sure if it's the same where you are (I'm up in Canada so because it was causing me medical pain, it was covered through our universal healthcare, so I didn't have to do much research or negotiate price options or anything), but in my case as 'the girls' we're not only gigantic, but already starting to be quite saggy, when they did the reduction they ALSO did a bit of a lift! Another bonus for your sister if she waits until the ravages of breastfeeding are done sucking the life out of her boobs ;)

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Did the transplant benefit your UC at all? I never thought of liver issues as possibly being related to bowel issues, but saw someone else comment who had the same combination of issues- is it common to have this combo? Or are they completely unrelated to each other?

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Hi Gilbert- huge fan! I've got to say, some of my favourite work you've done has been your stints in voice over - do you have any future plans for more excellent work in animation?