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sSyzoth2 karma

Hello! Huge OST nerd and loved the soundtracks for the first three games in the We Were Here series. Playing We Were Here Forever, I could not help but notice the music felt different. I loved the motif that was carried from We Were Here Together, but the style felt different. I am not saying it was bad at all! The tracks are much more subtle and still fit the scenes I have played so far (We are 50% into the 2nd chapter) very well! But when looking up the composer, I noticed it was different from the person who composed the previous games (more notably, We Were Here Together). If it is not too personal/confidential, is there a reason why Leon van der Stel did not compose this game? I am not saying Tom Wolkers did a bad job, his work is incredible, and making 40+ compelling tracks for the game is incredible! I was mainly curious as to why there was a change in composers is all. Have a great day all of you and thank you for holding this AMA!

sSyzoth1 karma

Wow! While I am bummed that Leon is not returning as you said, it opens a new chapter up for the We Were Here series! I love the new tracks from Tom and look forward to the rest of the game and possibly the future with him! Thank you so much for your response and hope you all have a well-deserved break from the office while you celebrate the release! Have a great weekend!