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That is fucked up. If you do that much time for a crime that you did not commit, compensation should be considerably higher.

Edit: 55k a year is not worth how much of your life that you were forced to miss. I would argue 1 Million a year. NOT 1 mil for 18 years.

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This is a great AMA. I pray that you make a recovery some day and can fully remember this conversation.

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Have you forgotten that you are doing an AMA yet?

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And FedEx. I worked there for about a year. We had fans but no A/C and no heat. We really didn't get breaks though and I remember working 4am until the work was done. Sometimes we wouldn't get done until close to noon on holidays.

Edit: 3am until noon. It sucked with working that much because you are constantly lifting that whole time and 95% of people who worked there also worked 2nd full time job.

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The ones that come to mind right now is having to go through life in prison, not being able to possibly finish schooling, having no income, missing out on everything happening in culture, and being treated like a criminal from your friends and family.