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don't give you the time of day

Quite literally, in this case.

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True, but according to the story, he was a guy who would give lectures on safety in BDSM. Someone like that should be a little more cautious.

Also, while the silence thing can be good occasionally, these types of relationships require lots of communication. Just like regular ones, only more so. I suppose had she been able to express herself to her master on a regular basis, things might have been different with what she was told to do. Hell, she might have stayed there longer.

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It should be required for all national offices.

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I find it quite disturbing that an election for higher office such as Representative can go without there being at least one debate.

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Not to take away from our friend above me, but have a second anyway, if it suits you. For one of the great joys that I find in this life is raising a glass filled with tasty alcohol with those that I consider friends, and having them raise their glass to me. Good booze, good food, and good friends. It doesn't get much better than that.