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I'm running a Lumia 1520. I cannot confirm nor deny the existence of a Skype for Business mobile client on my phone. Hopefully you won't run into me at Ignite and accidentally see me using something like this on my phone.... - Jamie

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I think you're referring to Skype Consumer.

We look after Skype for Business (formerly known as Lync) that operates against either on-premises servers or in Office 365. They're completely different products, although we've recently adopted the Skype name because our client now has the look and feel of the Skype consumer client, minus things like Ads obviously.

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heh - yeah....I can see how that happens. The process to move bits out to the web as you may imagine has a bunch of steps - we draft the blog post, get it out the door and at the same time Engineering is getting the KB put together and posted through their process. Both are async. So yeah, it's annoying - whenever we can we do include links to the actual KBs. This time around, I ended up tweeting out the KB cause it landed a few hours later. Again, apologies for the hassles - it's honestly not our intent to make stuff like "download here" difficult to find. - Jamie

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For your first question, while I think its targeted mainly at Skype, I don't think Skype for Business has the same perception. Whether its on premise or from our cloud, the infrastructure is well understood and we have documented the call and media flows very extensively. I don't think there should be any mystery on how it operates and what control IT departments need to ensure it meets their levels of scrutiny

I cannot comment on Skype for Linux at the moment. I am not aware of their plans to support the community of Linux users.

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This isn't the first time we've heard this feedback, obviously. I've always talked about how we look at the utility of the network as a function of the number of connected endpoints. Pure Metcalf. I really don't care what OS those devices run if they can make Skype for Business a better network - whether it's WebRTC, Android, VDI terminals, etc.

Can't make a specific comment on the plans at this time. If you're a Microsoft customer today, reach out to your account team and ask their Lync / UC savvy person to include your feedback into the "Skype Experience Engine" - our feedback / new feature collection tool. Or hit me up offline.