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What about cult of circumcision aka religious brit ceremony on community. Do they really think that it is necessary/mandatory. Cut is a permanent mark. Is it religious? What about baby boy's freedom of religion? I'm not thinking about his parents freedom of religion now.

Here in Finland, Europe the issue is about human rights for child. Without his consent it is violence.

When some non-teistic person talk about issue I always hear you are antisemi. I'm not. The point of view is so different here.

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If you think this further. I just wonder, if they left their boys intact and rip off some rites of cult. Is it possible their to think They'll be forgotten and be too secular.

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Thanks. You are so raised in it. It looks like you and your many many friends are not even think about what if not doing it before. There is nothing you need to hate religion itself, but you won't give him choice either. There is no freedom on your community, IMO.

Flip your brains to other mode and think what is like in here. Almost none of newborn get circumcised at 7th day or later. Just for medical reason.

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If you are really interested in this topic and your words were not just American politeness. Here is something to think about.

In defence of genital autonomy for children

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Haha. It does look like 'my rights' (American freedom) override human rights of an infant at this topic too. Horrified, isn't it.