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Hi Folks, I’m a sociocultural anthropologist, and this AMA inspired me to go check out your app. After moving through the setup process, I started to search for fellow anthropologists, but I find nothing on the platform when I search for it. How can I support making content available in my discipline?

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Thank you for your hard work in the long game of investigative journalism. I remember first hearing you report on this story on NPR.

My questions are, what ramifications do you expect will follow from the Foundation being shuttered? Can we anticipate that legal proceedings may follow and some actors charged? Is there a danger in terms of widening the political divide between parties as a result? What other outcomes should we brace for?

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Thanks for the feedback! I really like that I can use Bookshlf to collect the articles I find—now I don’t have to email them to myself. Plus, they’ll be better organized! I’m going to reach out to colleagues to let them know, too.