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what the shit, you made those songs when you were a wee kid in high school? who the fuck are you, modern Mozart?

I think you are a modern Mozart.

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I was audibly muttering "holy shit" as I was browsing through the photos. Absolutely Incredible work, thank you guys so much for your efforts.

That being said...How do you like Guinean food? Any favorites you'd like to recommend?

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I've always been curious about any on-stage/live performers:

Have you ever had bathroom/stomachache problem when you were on a stage performing? Like, when you were going on a stage you were fine but after some minutes you get the emergency signal from your bowel movements that whatever is in you must go immediately. If so, how do you deal with it?

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This is incredible! I'm sure that Amelia of the older times will be ecstatic if she hears about you.

Now that you have, to an extent, conquered the skies, would you have any intention in future to conquer the space? Maybe take a trip to the ISS, or to the moon, or even to Mars?