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On the subject of dusties; are there any plans to release some older, age stated bottles that have a similar makeup to some of the dusties? Obviously some of the thrill of them is that they are no longer produced, but I’ve had a couple tastes of some mid-80s WT CGF and it’s mind boggling.

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Eddie, thanks for the response— very excited to hear about it/taste it.

To further my question as well, beyond the fact that the 13-year Japanese release is one of your oldest “normal” releases available (beyond Decades and special stuff)— obviously people love the CGF and age statement; while I don’t envision a Pappy-esque type of release, what do you think is different about the CGF/what techniques do you employ to try and replicate it?

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Opened and sealed, or sealed shelf? I’m thinking the first (a half bottle of something)— definitely interested in the response here.