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Hijacking top comment because this is really important. For those not familiar with Richard's case, please watch this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KmXzGNACAiU

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Ads Product Manager here. Thanks for the feedback. Keeping ad quality high is the highest priority for us, which is why you don't see Flash ads or anything that gets in the way of your experience on the site.

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Ads Product Manager here. I can't speak for the burn rate or runway left in the bank, but I can't see how it is possible for us to use $50M in less than a year.

I can say that we have had sponsored posts on reddit for nearly 6 years, and they are great revenue driver for the company. Check out http://reddit.com/advertising for more information on them.

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Hey Vultatio, thanks! An AMA is a great idea. I'll try to do one once things settle down a bit over here.

Ads are a very interesting/touchy subject for many, so we want to make sure that when we do scale them up, that it is well thought out and keeps user privacy king.

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Yup, we actually do subreddit based targeting. So if you subscribe to r/NASA and an advertiser runs an ad targeted to r/NASA, you will see the ad within r/NASA and on the frontpage.

Inferring data about users is a bit tricky. It's something we thought about doing, but if we do it, it needs to be well thought out and needs to keep use privacy the focus.