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rvitqr99 karma

As someone interested in open source, tech, databases, infrastructure, etc., I've been really inspired by the community-developed digital tooling for working with these kinds of huge datasets and 'digital citizen journalism' (for lack of a better term). Some examples that come to mind offhand are graph database utilities for the panama papers, community work on Twitter identifying Jan 6 individuals and connections between them, and google docs for organizing or otherwise curating information for protest groups.

As someone who can build things, what kinds of tools or resources would make a difference to organizations like ICIJ? Are you aware of any grant or funding mechanisms for developing those sorts of things? What are your thoughts in general on crowdsourcing information?

Thank you, in so many ways for what you do!

Edit: I'm just taking a look at the database browser and visualizations - very cool and exactly the kind of thing I'd love to see more of in the world :D But I also know how hard it is to set those kinds of things up not to mention get the data curated. Edit2: fix markdown