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We haven't! Even though Sean Evans has shouted us out in interviews a handful of times.

I don't want to give any spoilers but...wouldn't it be cool if there were an exclusive Yellowbird Sauce just for Hot Ones?

Anyway, yeah, that would be cool.


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Your family obviously has amazing taste! We don't really have much distribution in the EU but Stuart who runs Hot Headz, imports our products and does some sales on Amazon and his website on that side of the pond. You can find them here: https://www.hot-headz.com/index.php?search=yellowbird&sub_category=1&route=product%2Fsearch&description=true


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(making notes: "do not fly Ryanair")

I'm just imagining that you get on the plane and they're like "Thank you for flying Ryanair. I'm your pilot, Ryan, and I am assisted by my copilot Ryan on this flight."

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Lol thank you! I mean you don't HAVE to ask a question, you can totally just talk about how awesome we are ;)

But to answer your question, my two faves are Secret Aardvark and Marie Sharpe's.

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Nice! I actually didn't know Real Good was carrying our stuff! I will go give them some high fives....as soon as winter is over ;)