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Given that I live in New Zeakand and have very few ideas of what kinds of food served in American schools, and all I do know comes from places like blogs or Reddit complaining about the food... What kinds of food do you serve? Is it as disgusting/horrible as people make it out to be?

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Thanks for the reply :) We never had anything like this when I was at school here in New Zealand, the vast majority of students bought their own lunches and what food was sold at the school was never made there - things like pies that would have been re-heated at the school was the most "cooking" that would have happened.

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I've always been pleased to have been spared the school lunches I've seen on the Internet :) Here in New Zealand the vast majority of students took their own lunches to school and the whole buying or being provided food doesn't happen to the same degree. (The only real execption I think of in the standard school are those in the poorer areas, where they have been getting a lot of students turning up without having had any breakfast and without any lunch and the food they do provide is usually paid for by the school itself or provided by one of the "Food in Schools" programs).