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What do you attribute your success in broadcast journalism to?

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How did the AP get tipped off about this happening? Was it difficult to find people willing to speak with you on the record? When reporting on sensitive issues like this where people might be afraid of speaking out, how do you get them to trust you?


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Hey y'all, question about business models at WaPo: You all have seen an increase in subscriptions since the election and have hired more reporters in a time when most newspapers are laying off journalists. What do you think will happen longterm with this? Is this just a momentary spike in the aftermath of the election, or do you think this is a revival of sorts for journalism profitability?

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This isn't totally true. It depends on the school and organization, I'm sure. I work for my school's newspaper and couldn't tell you most of their views. We lean liberal, so I would guess that most of them have moderate-liberal views, but I honestly have no idea, especially those who don't write political-type stories. Even the political stories, most people don't really want to bring up their own opinions and debate things, they just want to write the facts.

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Sorry if this is a rude question, but: When communicating with people who can hear, do you speak? I mean, obviously you know how to and everything since you didn't go deaf until age 12, but I wasn't sure if that's something deaf people who used to be able to hear do or not. If so, how do you know how loudly you're speaking?