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I do typically try to eat my pancakes four hours before a race. And each time I run I try to change my hair ribbon. So I have a different piece of flair, like in Office Space.

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My typical training is like one long run and a couple hard workouts a week, try to get 60 to 65 miles in. For outdoor I'm still playing it by ear at this point. Build up, get some confidence and see how I'm doing.

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It's actually been really exciting this year for girls high school track and field as a whole. I watched the NXN girls championship and that was an exciting race! I think now we're showing girls and everybody out there we can do it, we can run fast and set the bar high for everybody.

It will be nice to have a fellow high schooler in the field. Somebody to empathize with!

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That's a really hard question, I'd have to go with pancakes. Pancakes are typically my pre-race meal.