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As an advice you should be very careful with your teeth, not all women like it when you bite them :)

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My scariest dive experience, was when I was doing my Cave diving certificate in Tulum Mexico, and we had to practise manual shutdowns of your manifold (the connector between 2 air tanks). I had done everything as the theory, but when I turned it back on there was still no air. As all of us were training and the instructors were busy watching is it took me a few more seconds than I would have liked to get the manifold opened again, and doing so I accidentally broke the handle and it started to free flow. In normal conditions this would have been very dangerous, and I was scared as it was my first time, so needless to say I was done with my diving training for the day.

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Now that's a real question! Marketplaces are always about supply and demand, and the main problem we have faced was getting the right supply at the right level of quality. It's always going to be a balance, between having enough supply and demand. If you have too much demand, then you become a sorry company ("sorry - we didn't turn up", etc..), like some of our competitors, and if you have too much supply and no demand, you become just another thing the suppliers have signed up to and they stop being part of the platform. It's that constant balance between supply and demand that's both fascinating but also the biggest challenge in this industry.

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There is a saying amongst divers, there are 2 types of scuba divers: those who pee in their wet suit / those who lie about it... I haven't had this poo problem. A seasoned diver would prepare for this, but if a man/diver has to go a man/diver has to go..

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it was something I had always dreamt about since i was a little kid , walking down a street or hearing people I didn't know talk about something I had made or something I had set up. And I realised it when one day while going to a meeting in London I saw three of our vans on the same day on the same drive, and the Uber driver said oh is this your company, we used the gardening service last week.. that's when it finally hit me, we are starting to get known at least in London. but the absolute realisation hit me when taking a taxi to Sydney airport and seeing one of our vans there - that's was mind-blowing!