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for the episode of Pigman, what was it like working with Tommy Wiseau? Was he "in" on the joke or was he serious? And the woman he tried to tongue kiss looked a very upset, would either of you guys mind explaining how that shoot went? Also, i'm happy you guys have gone on to do more things since awesome show has been done, like the commercials, bridesmaids, and the terrys. I'm very happy for you guys and hope to be seeing more of you both in the future. I love you guys.

Edit - not the episode of the room, the episode of Pigman

Edit - It's been 4 hours since i asked this question so i figure you guys are busy; you can't be sitting on the internet all day like the laymen. I'm going on a long drive and i wont be able to check if you guys answered till later. If you guys don't answer it's okay, it's still great that you did this. It would be cool if i got an answer to any of my questions, but i won't dislike you guys for not answering. See ya!

Edit - well, it's been 9 hours. I'm sure you guys won't answer this and it's cool. Just now i know you guys have no loyalty to your fans while your fans may be more loyal to you than any other "celebs" there are.

Edit - Sorry. Just got a little discouraged, as we all do sometimes.

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Did you ever submit threat level midnight to film festivals?