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Could you add 'privacy' to the themes available for each idea?

Also why not education? Digital is going to replace the lecture hall for the most part, is it not?

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Good answer. I want to be a bit adversarial and propose that all you need is the company of an experienced user, who is also a respected leader that minimises risks and offers solid guidance. That's what you were missing when you did it in the mountains.

Maybe music is important, but why only the drums and chanting of Amazonian shamans? If the plant grew abundantly all over the world, you would have a million different ways of preparing for the trip, experiencing it, and explaining it afterwards.

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The schooling system is limited by the fact that citizens do not need to be educated any better. They end up sufficient for the jobs that await them.

What does "sufficient" mean in this context? It means you don't need to know much at all beyond basic english and maths. The vast, vast majority of what you learned and promptly forgot -- doesn't matter, really.

The whole point was not to make you remember important things. It was to instill obedience to authority and test your ability to do monotonous, repetitive work in a competitive environment.

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Do you know of any places that cut out all of the mystic, chanting, praying?

I'm pretty sure I'd much prefer a beautiful, natural setting with grounded people that just want to see where the drug takes you on its own.

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The "indecent" customers probably do not imagine that you are losing out here. If paying the ETF is an option, it's reasonable to think all the parties would take the loss equally.

In that sense they are behaving quite rationally. There is no small print advising them that you are getting screwed when they terminate early. People have consciences and assume the best.

This carrier policy of forcing small retail outlets to assume substantial risk on every sale that they receive a reliable income from, is probably industry standard but that doesn't mean you should focus your ire on the customers.