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You should do an AMA giving the other side

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Hiii! Thanks for doing this! Sorry if these have been asked already:

  1. Corona viruses in general have been tricky to vaccinate against, why is this so?

  2. Reinfection with corona viruses is very common, will the vaccine you guys are working on stop any reinfections? (Could you explain why/why not if possible)

  3. Assuming a vaccine works, what is the timeline for the world to be protected and for corona virus to be either eradicated or no longer a threat? (I’m guessing a large number of the population will need to be vaccinated at the same time).

Thank you for your time!

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I still think your perspective is worth hearing about, especially with your family connections.

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What’s the average age of your clients and is there anything you would decline to photograph?

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Costco sell lactase enzyme and they work really well for me and my friend who are both lactose intolerant.