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Thanks for including many ultra-specific references to DC businesses and places in your writing. Buying cigarettes at Neam's Market comes to mind.

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IAAL. And fortunately, not yours.

The facts seem to be as follows:

  • OP is ordered to pay $255/month in child support out of his $1892/m income.

  • OP does not pay for approximately 10 months

  • OP is warned that he will be held in contempt if he does not pay

  • OP continues to not pay

  • A hearing occurs where it is determined that OP was capable of paying and had failed to do so

  • OP is held in contempt and sentenced to 180 days in jail

  • OP serves 19 days and is released after he agrees to pay the outstanding child support

  • Two months later, OP again does not pay his child support.

  • OP's counsel withdraws due to communication issues

  • OP, again, has a contempt hearing

  • OP appears pro se, waives his right to counsel, is found in contempt and is jailed for the rest of his 180 day sentence.

OP your contempt was not purged because the court order to pay child support is ongoing. Civil contempt punishments are usually purged after the contempt has served its purpose. In this case, the purpose of the contempt continued past your first payment and contempt hearing, because the child support payments continued to be due on a monthly basis.

On a more personal level, you seem like a disgusting and terrible person.

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Do you play fantasy SCOTUS?

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Absolutely goddamn everything.

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Nobody learns anything in AP CS. On the plus side, stuff in OOP 1 will look vaguely familiar!