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Cannabis strains in the US are certainly more potent than stuff I've tried in India and smoking a full joint typically sets me off on a paranoia spiral. I'd like to understand what the current consensus in the field is, about the effect on THC on the amygdala as it relates to symptoms of anxiety. I presume that cannabis can reduce anxiety but mostly when used in moderation. So, is there a sweet spot in terms of dosage, and at a molecular level, is there really a difference (as touted) between the strains e.g. sativa, indica etc? Any related research paper links would be great.

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That is really helpful! Thanks very much for your prompt and informative response. Thank you for hosting this cool AMA session.

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Thanks much, that's a very valuable suggestion. I shall take you up on that and try out some high CBD oil. As someone who often has serious social anxiety, this might do the trick. But said social anxiety also prevents me from approaching a doc for a weed prescription. Oh well, gotta get past that hurdle.