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There is another form of docking that involves two guys. I think you would probably get docked for that kind of docking.

rudbek-of-rudbek239 karma

If you have positions open for professional taste testers I can begin immediately. Will work for food and maybe a place to sleep underneath one of the desks after everyone goes home (if I can bring my cat)

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What kind of accreditation does a Jungian psychoanlyst typically possess?

rudbek-of-rudbek53 karma

This turned out to be fake? Did you try and profit from a dead kid? How do you live with yourself?

rudbek-of-rudbek46 karma

More specifically, what about you? Your partner is a psychologist but you say you are a psychoanalyst. Is there some type of accreditation necessary to call yourself a psychoanalyst? My understanding is that psychologists have PhD's while psychiatrists have MDs. And a psychoanalyst has a........