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what did those hospital patients ever do to him, anyway?

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dogsbite.org is a notorious anti-bully breed website, and as stated in countless other actual fact-based studies and reports, dogs are very often reported as pit bulls when they're not. on top of that, "pit bull" can in fact be several breeds of dogs. American Pit Bull Terrier is what most people think of when they hear it, but most people also couldn't pick the APBT out of a lineup of even 5 or so different breeds

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ilana would LOVE that mindy's a WOC too. she'd be so anti-racist she'd be almost racist about it.

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are you familiar with Tia's work? because she often advocates for spaying and neutering across the board, as backyard breeders are particularly bad with bully breeds, and often an intact dog means the owner is planning to breed for either selling or fighting - both things Tia's organization is very vocal against

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additionally, contracts departments, legal advisers, and any government regulation/compliance departments (as /u/Very_Serious mentioned). I know for my company - a mid-sized federal IT contracting firm - we use lawyers in a variety of roles from government compliance to contract administration/execution and legal advisers/liaisons.