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It seems like journalists that report news to the country are more frequently living in large cities - especially with the decline of local, regional newspapers.

Do you see challenges with bringing a fair, impartial integrity when you both report to the entire country?

How do you 'break out of your bubble' - especially with today's super-political climate - to make your journalism relatable and relevant to your listening audience around the country?

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Kai, you have done live shows outside of a studio before, if I recall correctly.

Are you considering more of those? And what was the atmosphere like to be "doing the numbers" from the same town you are also on-assignment for?

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I don't use WAS, but there's plenty in my company who do. Our team was able to start using Maven for builds + testing extensively, but when I looked at getting the WAS'ers into Maven, it seemed like plugin support was limited.

Considering you guys know the lay of the land better than me... what's WAS's support for Maven? Got any spin-up, create server, deploy stuff plugins? What tools do you guys use when testing a WAS release that us consumers might find useful?

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Nifty. Thanks!