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Is that joke something you can explain?

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Ahhhh ok. Thank you!

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I hate that they changed the name of the show too! La Casa de Papel was a much better name.

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Soooo impressive. I agree on the mental strength but even still, it’s an amazing physical accomplishment! I read your memoir and I loved it but I could’ve read a whole book just about the marathons experience.

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I’m hoping you get some answers but I just wanted to note that keeping a headache journal helped me identify a lot of triggers that I never would’ve known. I did it for several months strictly, writing down foods, hydration, weather, sleep, exercise, etc and tried to find a pattern. Some of the patterns and triggers are obvious and some are less so, but they start to become identifiable when looking at the data over a period of time. And then there are some headaches that are “just because” and who knows what the trigger was, maybe it’s just genetics, but it helped me a lot to identify some of the triggers so I could try to avoid them and eliminate those headaches. Good luck - headaches are the woooooorst.