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Hyvää iltaa!

I am a Canadian Based guy in his early 30s working to get a freelance writing career off the ground. Since your magazine is making a foray into English, are you accepting submissions/pitches or looking for English-as-first-language writers?

I have a ton of examples/experience if so desired, and my rates would be entry level and extremely reasonable.

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I LOVE ADAM COUNTRYMAN! (Seriously he used to book for us a long time ago)

rougekhmero5 karma

Even money on it being somewhere in the Skull and Bones building.

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Is there any possibility of the storm cruising over Florida and then gaining even more strength while over the gulf and taking another approach at some unlucky county?

rougekhmero1 karma

Hello Michael. I met you two years ago or so on a Sunday in Toronto at some sort of convention. You are friends in LA with a cousin of a friend of mine (LUKE). The three of us came to thank you for guestlisting us and you took a picture with the three of us ON YOUR PHONE.

Is there any chance you have this picture!? I never got to see it, and i would like to have it!