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What is interesting about the export market is that it's really helping states where it's still illegal. Ask a cop in those states and they will tell you that legal states are horrible because they are sending the devil's lettuce to their pristine communities but in reality the demand is the demand. What those exporters are doing is flooding the market with domestically grown "grey market" weed that has nothing to do with the cartels. Even if it's rejected product from the legal states it's quality is higher by leaps and bounds by what the cartels are importing and in most cases it's cheaper.

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Yeah, most Americans (myself included) assume that if you can buy it at Home Depot, it must be safe. I talked to a pest control guy once about him having access to "the badass stuff" and he said that there are only a handful of chemicals that are restricted and most of what he uses is just a wholesale version of the shit you can buy at a hardware store.

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I've been watching a lot of Shark Tank lately and I feel like these guys would have had their asses handed to them had they presented it there.

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At your current job as an advocate, do you have health insurance?

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I remember back when Frontline first came out and it was THE SHIT! One treatment and the animal is flea and tick free for a month. I bought some the other day and it was 100% useless, ended up having to get trifexis from the vet and it worked like the Frontline used to.