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Then you eventually end up saying something which leads to awkward silence.

I managed this with a lass at my old workplace. She had been off work for a few days as her dad killed himself, she came back from her sick leave early so she could just get on with shit.

Well there were 4 of us standing around chatting at her desk when a train went by the window. When a train went past you just had to stay silent until it passed, it kicked off that much noise.

So when it passes, I exclaim that I'm feeling so shitty that jumping in front of one of those could only make for a better day.

Ten points for guessing how her father killed himself.

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You are now subscribed to Olinguito facts.

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You elicited masturbation from me, thanks!

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If I were a genital wart, I'd probably infect Veronica Mars.

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Piece of cake, "just puff it out love, we don't need to be involved here, the baby shall deliver itself from evil."